Please HELP STOP Electricity THEFT

Stopping energy theft is important for all of us because, eventually, it costs all consumers money.  It's something that we take very seriously.  We work hard to end energy theft.















Electricity can cause serious harm if not used correctly:  Attempts to bypass or tamper with electric meters or other electric utility facilities - including substations - can result in serious injuries, electrocution, fire, explosions and death!




Illegalities of meter tampering:  Electric meter tampering and diversion of electricity is a crime that can lead to arrest and conviction.




How to report meter tampering and energy theft:  Our personnel are trained to detect tampering, but you can help too.  If you suspect someone is stealing electricity, please report it to Se-Ma-No Electric at 417-924-3291 (no need to identify yourself).

We seal meters for two reasons.  First, the seal protects the consumer by making the meter off limits.  Secondary, voltage of 120/240 kills more people than any other voltage.  Only a trained, authorized serviceman can cut the seal on the meter or remove it.  Even an experienced electrician must get permission from the cooperative before removing the meter seal.

The second reason, the meter is sealed, is to prevent anyone from stealing electricity.  If the meter is tampered with the member will face legal action, a bad credit rating, and the chance of losing electric service completely.

The cooperative periodically visits all locations to obtain meter readings and check meter seals.  We need your help in controlling electricity theft.  Please contact us if you see something suspicious in your area.  Remember, you pay for the electricity someone else steals.