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Se-ma-No Electric cooperative

Rebate Program

Included in the program are:  Electric Water Heater,Room  Air Conditioning Unit, Ground Source Heat Pump & Dual-Fuel Heat Pump

ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS: The rebate is available for new construction or replacement of an existing water heater. If the new unit replaces an existing water heater, the efficiency rating of the old unit must be less than 90%. The efficiency rating of the new unit must be a minimum of 90%. Gas to electric conversions are eligible for this program (7/01/16). Hybrid heat pump water heaters are eligible for this program. Tank less water heaters are not eligible. Rebate applies to electric water heating units that are 40 gallon or larger.

REBATE AMOUNT:  $50.00                                               

ROOM AIR CONDITIONING UNIT:  The rebate will apply for the purchase of a new Energy Star unit or the replacement of an existing unit with a new Energy Star unit.

REBATE AMOUNT:  $50.00                                              

DUAL FUEL HEAT PUMP:  The rebate will only apply for the replacement of Electric Resistance Heat, new construction or replacement of existing dual-fuel heat pump.  The dual fuel SEER rating for 2014 is 16.5 with Specs on the "A" coil.  Supplemental heat for dual-fuel heat pump must be natural gas, propane or fuel oil and be controlled by an automatic thermostat.  Wood burning system are not eligible as back-up heating.  For more information and application, call Kevin Findley at 417-924-3291 or email

REBATE AMOUNT:  $150.00 per ton                                

GROUND-SOURCE HEAT PUMP:  The rebate will only apply on new construction, replacement of electric resistance heat, replacement of existing dual-fuel or ground-source heat pump and replacement of existing natural gas or propane heating system.  Manual J calculation of 70 degree design temperature on the heating side.  The electric backup heat must be separated from the ground-source unit with a separate breaker and must be wired to only act as second-stage supplemental heat on a two-stage thermostat or as emergency heat.  A minimum of R-38 is present in the attic and a minimum of R-13 in the walls.  For the replacement of indoor ground-source heat pump unit only (does not include loop system), a $150.00 per ton rebate will apply.  If compressor unit is replaced, it must be a gain of 3 SEER rating points.  Rebates are limited to 50 tons commercial and 10 tons residential per facility.  For more information, call Kevin Findley at 417-924-3291 or email .

REBATE AMOUNT:  $150.00 a ton for replacement.  New $750.00 per ton.      

PROGRAMMABLE TIMER-ENGINE BLOCK HEATER:       The rebate will only apply to a new programmable timer.  The timer must be a Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer, Cold weather resistant and rated for 15 Amps (1800 watt) capacity.  For more information, call Kevin Findley at 417-924-3291 or email


 MINI-SPLIT HEAT PUMPS:  The rebate applies to new construction of home and buildings.  Replacement of electric central air conditioner or electric resistance heat or replacement of an existing air conditioner or dual-fuel heat pump.  Supplemental heat for units must be natural gas, propane or fuel oil and be controlled by an automatic thermostat.  Note:  Wood burning systems and electric resistance units are not eligible to be used as back-up for heating on dual fuel systems.  For more information, call Kevin Findley at 417-924-3291 or email

REBATE AMOUNT:  $150.00 per ton.                                                  

To qualify for the rebate, the appliance must be in Se-Ma-No Electric service territory and verified that the unit replaced meets the criteria for this program.  The structure in which the customer resides must be a permanent structure on a foundation on land owned by the member.