Your Electric Cooperative was organized in 1945 as a member-owned, non-profit cooperative to supply electricity to rural portions of the Seymour, Mansfield, and Norwood areas. Se-Ma-No serves portions of the cities of Mtn Grove, Mansfield and Seymour plus the city of Norwood and rural areas along highway 60 from Diggins to Mtn Grove.

The original goal was “To provide a dependable source of electricity at the lowest possible cost, consistent with sound business practices.” That original mission has remained and still is priority. However, time, opportunity and new challenges have necessitated extension of the initial mission to include:

  • Provide information to consumers for the most efficient use of electrical energy.
  • Assist member-consumers in solving electrical use problems.
  • Educate members in the safe use of electricity for farm, home, and commercial applications.
  • Maintain and upgrade the distribution system to meet existing and future load requirements.
  • Prepare and maintain plans for rapid conversion of cooperative resources to meet emergency situations.
  • Keep the member adequately informed and to demonstrate that the Cooperative exists to provide service to members.
  • To promote and support rural area development programs within our service area.
  • Cooperate with local, civic, economic development, business, and governmental entities to improve the quality of life for members and area citizens.
  • Provide an environment in which Cooperative employees will find dignity, purpose of life and satisfation by being properly trained, adequately compensated, and recognized for achievement within an organization that acknowledges and fosters traditional human and family values.