Se-Ma-No Electric crews build about 150 new service line extensions each year.  In addition, our engineering department plans system upgrades, approves service revisions and new locations for meter bases.  Our staking engineer will determine what easements are needed.  It will be the responsibility of the member to obtain the easements.


If you're building a home, setting a mobile home or starting a business, you probably need a new electrical service.  Once you've signed up for the new service, you may need to meet with our staking engineer to determine how the line should be built.  For more information contact our staking engineer at 417-924-3291 or send an email to


Before any new construction can begin, permission must be secured from all affected landowners.  It is the responsibility of the customer to contact landowners who must sign easements giving us permission to cross their property to build a new electric service.  Our right-of-way (ROW) is 15 feet on each side of the line (15 foot wide easement, 30 foot total).  Se-Ma-No Electric does not pay for easements and has no right to build unless the property owner grants permission.  The ROW will need to be initially cleared by the member and then maintained by the Cooperative.


Sometimes your power requirements exceed your current service capacity.  If you're adding central air conditioning, a new electric furnace, or sub-feeds to outbuildings, you may need to upgrade your service with us.  An appointment with the staking engineer may be necessary.


For a new or revised meter location, Se-Ma-No Electric installs an appropriately sized meter loop provided by member, with the meter location being the closest available cooperative-owned facility, usually a pole.  The member will be charge a service connection fee.

The cooperative serves to the meter, so the member is responsible for furnishing all other necessary electrical wiring and materials beyond that point.


Requests for three-phase service are handled on an individual basis.  Service contracts and deposits will be negotiated with the Manager.