FoundationThe Se-Ma-No Electric Foundation was formed in 2010 and uses your spare change to help make a tremendous difference in the lives of those who need help within our community by providing grants to communities and organizations for charitable projects and civic purposes in the service area of Se-Ma-No Electric Cooperative.  

How it works:  Electric bills are "rounded up" to the next highest dollar each month.  For example, if a month's bill is $62.71, it is rounded up to $63, with the 29 cents going directly into the Se-Ma-No Electric Foundation fund.  A monthly donation may be as little as a penny or as much as 99 cents.  The average member contributes an estimated average of just more that $6 per year.

How the money is distributed:  The Se-Ma-No Electric Foundation Board is made up of nine volunteer community leaders from our service area who meet quarterly to evaluate and award requests for assistance.  The board is appointed by Se-Ma-No Electric Cooperative's Board of Directors.

What is the money used for:  The Foundation awards funds to assist with basic needs (like food, shelter, clothing and health care) for Se-Ma-No Electric members in emergency situations.  It also helps worthy charitable organizations such as local food pantries and crisis centers.

In 2014, the Foundation began awarding Scholarships to high school seniors in our service area.  Candidates for scholarship funds are evaluated on the basis of overall academic performance, extracurricular activities, financial need and college acceptance.

2023 Grant Application Deadlines:  January 23 / May 23 / September 19
2023 Scholarship Application Deadline:  April 4 (first Tuesday in April)

Grant Application  Scholarship Application