Power outages can occur for a variety of reasons. Typically outages occur due to lightning, tree limbs, animals coming into contact with the line or from equipment malfunction.

Out of Power?

Before calling the Cooperative during a power outage, check you breaker box or fuse panel.
Check the breaker below the meter at your meter pole to determine it is on.
If possible, check to see if your neighbors have power.  This information is helpful in determining if the problem is an individual or line outage.
If the problems appears to be on the Cooperative's line, please give us a call.  Do not assume that we know you do not have power.
Call Se-Ma-No at (417) 924-3291 Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m.. - 5:00 p.m. After hours, weekends or Holidays, call (417) 924-3243 (answered 24/7) to report your outage.  Please provide the following information as this will help us find you quicker.

Name of Person/Company in which the account is listed.
Account number (located on your bill)
Phone number
Once you have reported the outage, please be patient.

How we get the lights back on:

Our goal is to restore service to the greatest number of members in the shortest amount of time. Because of the interconnected nature of an electric distribution system, we must start our work at the power source and work out to the individual services along the system. Hazardous conditions, such as downed power lines, must be attended to immediately.

Installed on our system are a services of protective devices knows as OCRs. These act like circuit breakers to confine an outage to a specific area and limit the number of members affected by a power interruption. For example, if a tree falls on a tap line, only that line would be without service. Other members served from the main distribution line would still have service, although their lights may blink momentarily.

Se-Ma-No Electric Cooperative does everything it can to prevent power outages and to restore them as quickly as possible when they do occur. Here is a simplified look at how we typically go about the task of Power Restoration.